Sofia Vergara Makes Us Laugh With Ellen


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Sofia Vergara is a charmer. Whether she’s making us laugh on Modern Family or making us really want a Pepsi, the 41-year-old bombshell has us hooked.

Yesterday, Vergara was the guest spot for The Ellen Show. (Talk about a funny pair!)

She immediately had us in knots with her pronunciation of the word “Giants.” Referring to the football team, Vergara tried her best to say their name but with no luck. Instead, the name she mouthed was “Yiants.” In disbelief that she couldn’t say their name, DeGeneres tried her best to coach the Colombian beauty. Instead, laughter erupted and we all instantly fell in love with the actress once more.

While DeGeneres and Vergara share a similar sense of humor, the two ladies have something else in common. Both are CoverGirl spokeswomen, appearing in magazine and television ads for the cosmetic line.

The two even embarked on creating their own “CoverGirl” commercial that had the audience and viewers at home cracking up.

DeGeneres took the liberty of throwing the guest a little bachelorette party-on the show. She tricked Vergara, serving her coffee and then cueing the attractive barista to take his clothes off (shirt and apron only) for a lap dance. Vergara excitedly played along, shoving the handful of cash DeGeneres handed her into the strippers pants.

The Modern Family actress also shared with us some of her hot vacation pics. Can you believe she’s 41? We can’t either…

Image Via Instagram