Sofia Vergara Gushes Over Fiancé Joe Manganiello and Her 'Bling-Bling' on the SAG Red Carpet

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Sofia Vergara couldn't help but gush about her fiancé Joe Manganiello and the beautiful engagement ring he offered to his love during a red carpet interview at Sunday's SAG Awards. However, it was hard for viewers to focus on her words with the eye candy temptations the twosome brought to the red carpet.

Sofia Vergara conceded that the ring was spectacular but said she would have said yes to Joe Manganiello's proposal ring or no ring.

"I opened it up and I checked it to see," she joked about receiving the ring. "He's so handsome that it would have been okay, you know? I would have said, 'Okay, yeah.'"

Sofia Vergara told Access Hollywood that they are deep in preparations for their wedding even though their busy schedules keep getting in the way.

"We're trying to figure it out because… he's shooting and promoting Magic Mike this summer and I'm promoting my movie with Reese Witherspoon and so we're kinda busy, but we're trying to do it maybe [in the] fall," she said. "Summer is going to be too crazy."

The guest list alone has been tough to work out.

"It's big. We started, like, 'It's only 20.' Yeah right! It's like now there's like pages and pages," she said.

Sofia Vergara continued with her gushing over Joe, who was not by her side during the interview. She had much to say about all the distractions that greeted her when she visited her hunky fiancé on the set of Magic Mike.

"I went to see the filming and it was like really crazy," she said. "I was very distracted. It was not only him, it was Channing Tatum, it was Kevin Nash. I mean, there [were] a lot people doing it, so I was like in a candy store."

Sofia Vergara's film with Reese Witherspoon, Hot Pursuit, is set to be released on May 8.

Pam Wright