Snoring: New Device Wants To Help You Stop


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Snoring is incredibly annoying to those around you. As one who snores and one who has been around others who snore, I can attest to this from both sides of the equation. But what are you supposed to do? It's not as though you can control it while you're already asleep.

A new device currently seeking funding aims to help. It's called Nora, and is billed as "the smart snoring solution."

As the Kickstarter page for Nora explains, "Nora is the first smart and non-invasive snoring solution that’s designed specifically to stop snoring before it wakes your sleeping partner. With Nora, there is nothing to wear to bed—no masks, dentures, or nose strips. In fact, you might not be able to spot it in a bedroom unless someone points it out."

"Nora is developed by a team of engineers and designers with years of experience in the world's top design firms like IDEO, and Fuseproject," says Smart Nora Inc., the company behind the device. "We are a MaRS venture and collaborate regularly with leading sleep scientists and researchers at the MaRS Centre."

Even if Nora is the first "smart and non-invasive" snoring device, it joins a long list of devices that aim to help your snoring problem. has reviews on a number of them.

The site names the Good Morning snore solution and the ZQuiet as its favorites. Others listed as "good" include: Zyppah Rx, VitalSleep, SnoreRX, SnoreMeds, and SleepTight Mouthpiece.

There are far more listed as "not recommended".

As of the time of this writing, Nora has already exceeded its funding goal with 22 days left to go. It has over 600 backers.