Snoop Dogg Teases New Album In "Special 420 Message"

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As you probably already know, today is 4/20, and while this particular day might not hold any special significance for some, plenty of people celebrate it as a holiday.

And within the subset of people who recognize April 20th and National Weed Day, there are few titans of the culture who stand taller than Snoop Dogg. Let's just say this: In a recent AMA session on reddit, the staff of High Times magazine was asked which celebrity they've met smokes the most. Their unequivocal answer: "Snoop! WITHOUT A DOUBT."

And Snoop, never the shy one about his hobbies, has embraced 4/20 with a "very special message" that just hit YouTube, courtesy of Noisey. You can check it out below:

Ok, so it's a nice little video that shows just how fun it is to be Snoop, smoking in Jamaica or something. But as one YouTuber asks, "Wait...what was the very special message?" Other than the message of hey, it's 4/20, let's all have fun, it appears that it could be a teaser for the upcoming album/documentary package Reincarnated, which will be Snoop's 12th studio album.

He announced the project back in February on Facebook:

Snoop DoggReincarnated! Comn soon!! My 12th solo album n documentary

Snoop is celebrating, as is the entire internet. Of all the pop-culture holidays that spring up, 4/20 might be one of the most popular. And for your participants out there, FYI, it's also National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day.

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