Snoop Dogg Makes Reggae, Changes Name To Snoop Lion

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Snoop Dogg doesn't pretend to be someone he's not; he partakes of the weed (in generous amounts, and isn't shy about advocating it, either), he's down with many different music styles, and he's secure enough in his manhood to wear random silly hats around town. Also, this sweater.


So his fans were a wee bit surprised recently when he announced that he's had a "spiritual awakening" and is moving from rap-based music to reggae. He said in a press conference that it wasn't planned, but that the spirit "called him" and he knew he had to go to Jamaica and make his latest record. He also said he's always felt he was Bob Marley reincarnated.

"I want to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion," he said. The name came from a priest he met at a temple in the hills of Jamaica, who told him he was not a dog, but rather a lion.

He says the songs on his album are some of the most amazing songs he's ever been a part of and is happy he can perform for a wide array of audiences, which he couldn't do before.

"Reggae music is music of love. Happiness and struggle. Now, as a 40-year old man in the music industry... you know, the artists call me "Uncle Snoop"....I gotta give 'em something now. I can't just keep takin' them to a dead end street and dropping them off. I gotta teach 'em how to fish, teach 'em how to plant, teach 'em how to grow, and that's what you do when you become wise. I'm a wise man in the music industry."

Ay, you do your thing, Snoop. Your fans will no doubt love you no matter what your name is.

Amanda Crum
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