Snoop Dogg Has A Smokable Song Book


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Aside from maybe the Doobie Brothers and Cypress Hill, if there was anyone in the world that would make a book of their song lyrics doubling as a pack of rolling papers, it would be Calvin Broadus, Jr., aka, Snoop Dogg. And that, folks, is just what he's done. Introducing "Rolling Words," a collection of classic Snoop Dogg lyrics, printed on paper that can also be used to smoke your, um, tobacco products with.

Yeah, we'll say that.

Anyway, Snoop naturally took the viral airwaves to get word across, and since the video dropped, Snoop's song book/rolling paper venture has gone wide. While it's hard not to smirk at Snoop's Bob Marley/Che' visage on the packaging, unlike Tommy Chong, the D-O-Double-G is smart enough to not mention that one particular plant in association with his papers. There is a picture of a plant with spiky fronds, but the name of the plant itself is never mentioned. Nor is the act of "rolling a joint."

Granted, we all know what these smokable pages are for, but as long as he doesn't associate his product with weed in relation to Internet retail, Snoop will be just fine. Conversely, because Tommy Chong openly associated his glass paraphernalia with marijuana, he served time for his Internet entrepreneurial efforts.

As for Snoop's smoke accessory venture, naturally, Twitter took notice as well:

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Eh, with the lack of a true marijuana reference, balls didn't really have much to do with it. Smart marketing, on the other hand...