SNL Anchorman 2: Paul Rudd Hosts

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In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard, the second installment of Anchorman is scheduled to hit theaters on December 18, exciting fans from far and wide.

This week one of the stars of the upcoming movie, Paul Rudd, hosted "Saturday Night Live," bringing along his co-stars including SNL alumni, Will Ferrell.

Doing the opening monologue, the Anchorman news team got in a showdown with musical guest, One Direction.

"Why don't you beat it Menudo," said Ferrell, who appeared out of Burgundy character.

Carrell added, "Why don't you kids go sit on Santa's lap and ask for a pair of balls."

Soon the group of nine made peace and together sang "Afternoon Delight."

Immediately after the monologue, the "Anchorman 2" preview commercial aired and the show moved on to sketches with former cast members Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig.

However, Ferrell wasn't done just yet. He, Paul Rudd, and others resurrected his "Bill Brasky" character (last seen in 1998) in one of the best sketches of the evening.

Though there were other humorous sketches: Doonese's Sound of Music and Rudd's One Direction Concert Line, others fell short of the laughter: Michelangelo Unveils David and Diner Divorce.

Entertainment Weekly pointed out that Rudd did his best in all sketches - honestly, none of the missing humor was his fault - but sometimes the tediousness won.

Next week SNL veteran John Goodmans hosts with musical guests Kings of Leon.

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