SnapChat Security Breach Leaks Phone Numbers


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If you are a SnapChat user, be aware that a recent security breach could make you vulnerable to identity theft or at the very least, cause your passwords, usernames and phone numbers to be leaked. SnapChat hasn't said much about the incident, but according to reports, hackers have collected the phone numbers and passwords of over 4.6 million users.

The SnapChat company was warned twice by security experts that they were at risk for a security breach, something the company apparently ignored. SnapChat has not been around for very long and security breaches within new online companies like it are common. Many people are now wondering how safe it is to use SnapChat and other similar apps.

SnapChat said last month that it had made changes to the security to prevent hackers from stealing information from the company, but did not give specific details about what the changes were. Since the hack, SnapChat has remained silent on the matter, causing many angry users to wonder if the CEO, Evan Spiegel is even concerned about the breach.

Hackers published the collected information on a website, that has since been shutdown. Even though the website was suspended, your information is still not safe. You can check to see if your information was hacked by using your username on the website

If you find that your phone number or information has been stolen, you can delete your account and contact your phone company to ask for a new phone number. Security experts say that a leaked phone number is not as severe as a leaked social security number or credit card numbers, but could still lead to trouble down the road.

Do you plan to continue using SnapChat?

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