Smart Car Tipping Continues In San Francisco, Pranksters At Large

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The police reported more incidents of smart car tipping in Twin Peaks and Cole Valley in San Francisco. The latest incidents happened at 3:41 am and 5:38 am on Friday.

Around two months ago, there were also reports of smart car tipping in Bernal Heights. Three smart cars were turned to their sides by pranksters.

Authorities say that the act of smart car tipping is a form of felony vandalism. It may be the urban equivalent of cow tipping, which is a rural activity wherein pranksters sneak up on cows and push them over on their side. The activity comes from the presumption that cows can easily be pushed over, as they have weak legs.

Pranksters in San Francisco resorted to smart car tipping, as these two-door cars weigh less than 2,000 pounds, which makes them easier to move or “tip” compared to other regular vehicles. The act of smart car tipping started in Amsterdam in 2009, and then spread to Canada and the United Stated by 2011.

Authorities are still after the vandals who are carrying out the prank all over San Francisco. However, they have found no evidence for the motive behind the tipping of smart cars so far.

They are investigating the incidents based on the statements of an eye-witness who saw around six to eight hooded people flip over a smart car back in April.

Smart cars are abundant in San Francisco, as residents prefer smaller vehicles due to the tight parking spaces in the area. Smart cars are also an eco-friendly alternative to standard vehicles.

The Smart Automobile headquarters is located in Boblingen, Germany. It was invented in the 1990’s by the same maker of the Swatch watch. The automaker's goal was to create an ultra urban car that is also environmentally friendly.

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