Slingshots Are No Laughing Matter, and This is Proof

Josh WolfordLife

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When you woke up this morning, I bet that the first thought that went through your head (other than "damnit, it's Monday") was that you're curious as to how a world-record slingshot stacks up against a bunch of different types of handguns?

Am I right? Good. Today's your lucky day.

"The momentum achievable by this record slingshot is -- in theory -- higher than the value most handguns can achieve. The .22, the 9mm, even the 357 SIG and the famous .45 ACP all have momentum lower values. Only the mighty .44 Magnum outperforms the slingshot, at least on paper..." says Joerg Sprave, master slingshot slinger.

But does it? I won't spoil anything...

You might remember Sprave as the guy who answered Bill Gates' $100,000 condom challenge with an utterly terrifying condom slingshot. Yikes.

Josh Wolford
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