Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Release Date Outed By Twitter


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Game publishers increasingly rely on Twitter to let their fans know about the latest games and news that matters. It's rare to see a major publisher rely on the micro-blogging service use Twitter exclusively to reveal a launch date, but Bethesda just did that.

The publisher announced on Friday exclusively through Twitter that Dawnguard, the new expansion for Skyrim, would be launching on June 26 for Xbox 360. For those who have lost track of their dates, that's this upcoming Tuesday. Xbox 360-owning fans of Skyrim don't have much longer to wait to get their vampire slaying or joining on. The expansion will cost 1600 MS points ($20) and contains about 20 hours worth of content.

As you can see, the Tweet also announces that update 1.6 will be hitting the FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) version of Skyrim the week after with Dawnguard hitting FIGS in July. These dates are important as they might have an impact on the wider availability of Dawnguard for PS3 and PC. It remains unseen whether or not PS3 and PC players will have to wait till after the english release or the FIGS release to get Dawnguard. Either way, it seems like the wait will be worth it.

For those new to this whole Dawnguard thing, the expansion will task players with either joining the Dawnguard or the vampires as both factions want to either preserve or destroy the sun respectively. Here's the official trailer for the expansion which gives us a great look at the new vampires being introduced in Skyrim.