Skydiver Falls To Death After Parachute Tangles

Amanda CrumLife

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A 62-year old skydiver fell to his death yesterday in California after he became entangled in his parachute, officials say.

Ken Oka of Mira Loma was attempting a multiple-person jump when the parachute got snared; he was unable to free himself midair and fell into a suburban backyard.

Local police and the FAA are both conducting investigations; eerily, another 62-year old man fell to his death in a similar way just earlier this month in Deland, Florida. Officials say Santiago Rosell died during a jump with two other people after landing in a grassy field near the runway.

"It was a passion that he shared with everyone around him," said friend Lisa Kittrell of Rosell. She said he often went skydiving. "He always had a bright smile on his face when he came back, said, 'I just went skydiving!'"

Amanda Crum
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