Six Killed in Bar Shooting in Cancun


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Cancun is known as as a premiere tourist destination and an island of respite from many of the problems that plague the rest of Mexico. This week, however, a bit of the country's drug violence hit the seaside resort town.

Reuters is reporting that two gunman entered a bar on the outskirts of Cancun on March 14, opening fire and killing six people. The gunmen were reported to be carrying a handgun and a "machine gun," according to Reuters. Five other people were also wounded in the shooting.

Cancun is located in souteastern Mexico, and is known primarily for being a tourist destination. The city's beaches, its blue Caribbean water, and its constantly tropical weather bring tourists from all over the world. In addition to its beachside attractions, Cancun is located near many Maya ruins such as Chichen Itza and the city itself even contains maya ruins.

Outside of Cancun, the Mexican government has been fighting a drug war against cartels within the country. Estimates show that drug war murders in Mexico have increased significantly in the past decade. The group Reforma Ejecutometro estimating over 12,000 drug war-related murders took place in 2011.

(Image via Safa in la/Wikimedia Commons)