Singer Attacked In Houston, Injured In Bar Brawl

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The singer of a hugely popular Tejano group was attacked outside a Houston bar on Monday night and suffered severe injuries to the face.

Oscar De La Rosa of La Mafia was reportedly standing outside a gay bar when he and his driver were attacked by an unidentified man who has so far eluded police. Witnesses say De La Rosa didn't have a chance to defend himself in the attack, and as a result he suffered several lacerations to the face, damage to his eye, and lost two teeth. The band released a statement about his condition on their Facebook page:

"Oscar De La Rosa was assaulted around 1:30 AM this morning leaving a local bar in Houston. He is still in trauma care at Memorial Herman Hospital (sic). He has suffered severe face lacerations and possible damage to his right eye. A police report has been filed and the identity of the assailant has been confirmed, assault charges will be filed as soon he is located."

Several reports say that the attack was unprovoked, but band member Armando Lichtenberger said it started with an altercation inside the club which led to the man being kicked out.

"He sucker-punched the driver, knocked him half unconscious and then he went at Oscar and started pounding on his face," Lichtenberger said. "A sucker punch is the worst thing. He didn't get to defend himself at all. It happened so fast."

The band hasn't decided yet whether they will need to cancel or postpone any performances.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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