Sinbad: Bankrupt And $8 Million In Debt

Amanda CrumLife

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Sinbad, the popular '90s comedian and sitcom star, is reportedly into the IRS for some major money, and filed for bankruptcy in April

The 53-year old actor allegedly owes more than $8 million to the IRS and several hundred thousand to various creditors, but can only claim about $131,000 in assets. He was forced to put his Hidden Hills estate up for sale a while back in an effort to pay down his debts, and this is the second time he's filed for bankruptcy. According to court documents, he brings in about $16,000 a month and simply can't keep up with his bills.

Sinbad isn't the only celebrity plagued by money problems; last year, "CSI" star Gary Dourdan filed for bankruptcy to get out of credit card debt. Wesley Snipes has also gone to court.

Maybe Sinbad can reprise his guest-starring role on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and make some quick cash.

Amanda Crum
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