Sims 3 Movie Stuff Horror Costumes Previewed


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Back in July, EA announced the latest expansions for The Sims 3. The Into the Future expansion will include science fiction elements such as jetpacks, hoverboards, and customizable robots. That full expansion will be released on October 25.

The smaller Movie Stuff upgrade pack was announced to be coming first. The add-on will contain furniture, objects, and costumes from three different movie genres - westerns, horror, and superhero flicks. Movie Stuff will be released in one month, on September 13.

Today EA released a new preview for Movie Stuff. The new trailer focuses on the horror genre, and specifically the costumes that are included in the pack. In general, the new settings and outfits appear to be pretty gothic-inspired, giving the content a Dark Shadows feel. The horror parts of the Movie Stuff pack also seem to mesh well with the Supernatural expansion, which includes creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and zombies.