'Sims 3: Into the Future' Previewed in New Developer Video


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Though Sims fans got a taste of the series' future earlier this month with a big The Sims 4 preview at EA's Gamescom presentation, the release of that game is still months away. Fans will instead have to be content with the future of their existing Sims in The Sims 3's latest expansion pack, Into The Future.

EA and Maxis today released a long developer preview for the latest expansion. Time travel plays a major role in the add-on, with Sims able to go to the future and back. An "Almanac of Time" helps players keep track of everything, including what type of future the've created (utopian, dystopian, or normal), the fate of their Sims' progeny, and the legacies those Sims leave behind.

Of course, the expansion also comes with plenty of new items for The Sims 3. New clothing, decorations, items, and housing options are available alongside custom-made robots. Also, Jetpacks.