"Simpsons" Actor Sues Over Rights To Character

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"Simpsons" actor Hank Azaria has appeared in a lot of projects over the years, but the funnyman is most popular for the characters he voices on the long-running animated sitcom. As Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, and the Comic Book Guy--among others--Azaria has made his career out of bringing characters to life. However, one character--sportscaster Jim Brockmire--is causing a bit of trouble for the actor, as he is now engaged in a legal battle with fellow actor Craig Bierko over the rights to the distinctive voice.

When a short featuring Brockmire became hugely successful on the site FunnyOrDie.com, Bierko claimed that he had a hand in creating the character and the special inflections in his voice. Azaria, however, says it's just not true and is suing his former friend, along with his company, How To Pictures. Details of the lawsuit aren't yet available, but it's possible that things could get ugly considering the short was in talks to be made into a full-length motion picture.

Amanda Crum
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