Simon Cowell Ticks Off The Twitterverse By Predicting One Direction's Demise

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Simon Cowell has got the Twitterverse in an uproar over his prediction that the British boy band, One Direction, will break up soon.

Not sure what his beef is with the much-adored band, but he has the well-refined reputation of being a "professional hater" with the power to destroy a musician or a band with one little quip. It's not hard to forget how the music mogul could squash the dreams of some budding singer on American Idol — and later on X Factor — with one remark.

Cowell even mocked himself in a brief cameo in Scary Movie 3 as a harsh music critic, which ended with a crowd gunning him down.

This does come as a shock, however, because the boys in the band owe it all to Cowell. He was the man who put the boy band together on X Factor and started their career.

Cowell shared his views about a possible breakup to the Daily News.

“Bands don’t stay together forever," he reportedly said. "I think they will make at least two more albums together and they are in the middle of one right now. … No, I don’t think that is going to happen for a while. Eventually I am sure they all will.”

He may have a point, especially with boy bands — New Kids on The Block and N’Sync did only last a few years — and there have been rumors that Harry Styles is working on a solo project.

When the prediction rumors started circulating on Twitter, fans began to cry out their fury and indignation, using the hashtag #1DtoLiveOnForever.

The band’s rep released a statement squashing the rumors.

“There are no plans for Styles to release any solo music at this time, any writing that he is doing is for potential One Direction songs. It’s common knowledge that the boys write separately and bring to each other for the album,” said the rep.

In July, Styles also addressed rumors of his going solo.

“I’m 100 percent in this band. I still want to be touring with One Direction in ten years. I’ll be doing it until I’m old and people are telling me to stop.”

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