SimCity Gameplay Footage Walkthrough Released

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It's been nearly a decade since SimCity 4 was released, and would-be city planners everywhere jumped with joy at the small amount of SimCity preview footage that was shown at this year's E3.

Today, Maxis and EA have released a longer gameplay trailer showing exactly how the new SimCity will play. Unsurprisingly, the game is very similar to previous incarnations of SimCity, though it does feature some upgrades. The graphics are clean and the details included are a nice addition for a SimCity game, for one.

Stone Librande, lead designer on SimCity, narrates the walkthrough, seen below, and demonstrates how players' objectives can be accomplished in the game.

"Ultimately you can do whatever you want, focus on growing your population, increasing wealth or even build a city that looks like your hometown," said Librande. "Whatever your motivation, you have to the power to experiment with a number of different strategies."

During the play-through, Librande was able to build up a small town and fill it with sims. Players will be able to follow around individual sims and see their motivations. Different overlays will allow players to see the different aspect of their city, from the water table to the electrical grid.

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