SimCity 5 Insider's Look Shows Off Game Engine


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EA made a lot of people happy at GDC this year with the announcement of a new SimCity game. The classic simulation game is being changed to reflect a larger world view with players working together with their separate cities to solve global problems.

EA released a new video yesterday detailing the game engine, GlassBox, and how it will change the SimCity formula. Dan Moskowitz, the gameplay lead, gives gamers the grand tour of what the GlassBox engine can do for SimCity.

It's important to note right now that the graphics in the demo are not final and not even representative of what the game looks like right now. The demo is about what GlassBox can do for simulation processing, not graphic processing.

With that out of the way, Moskowitz talks about the technology behind the simulation in SimCity. He talks at length on how structures, vehicles and people will all have an effect on the world around you. The really impressive part is how each individual on the streets of SimCity have their own behavioral simulation patterns.

Check out the full video below to get your first taste of what SimCity is going to offer when it launches in 2013:

Are you excited about the new SimCity? Was there anything in the video that was particularly interesting? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Joystiq]