Signs Of A Stroke: Woman’s Selfie Saves Her Life


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Selfie photos get a lot of criticism and most of them are unnecessary and simply a way for the photographer to get some attention from social network followers or friends.

One woman found out that a selfie video may have saved her life.

Stacey Yepes had been feeling a weird tingling sensation in her face and wasn't sure exactly what was happening to her.

She decided to video tape herself while the numbness and tingling were occurring and saved it for her next doctor's appointment.

Yepes had already seen a doctor for the strange tingling feeling, but had been told that it was just stress related. When the symptoms continued, Yepes decided to see a different doctor.

She decided to show the video she had taken of herself to her doctor and was surprised by his diagnosis. The used the photo to determine that Yepes had been having a series of mini strokes over the last few days.

When Yepes decided to make the video, she didn't really have any plans for it and only filmed herself to show others what was happening to her.

"I think it was just to show somebody, because I knew it was not stress-related," she said in an interview. "And I thought if I could show somebody what was happening, they would have a better understanding."

The doctors put her on medications that help thin her blood and lower her cholesterol in hopes of preventing more strokes from happening.

If Yepes had not posted the photo, she could have suffered a major stroke and possibly died.

Yepes's video has gone viral and may help other people with similar symptoms seek medical attention before it's too late.

If you have any of the same symptoms as Yepes or have tingling feelings in your face or a sense of numbness that comes and goes, talk to your doctor to determine if you have had a stroke or are at risk for one.

Image via YouTube