Sienna Miller, Tom Sturridge: Was Relationship A Front For Daughter?

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Sienna Miller and fiance Tom Sturridge announced recently that they have amicably parted ways after four years and one daughter together.

However, could it be possible that these two crazy kids might just work it out and be together? It seems Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge just need to get on the same page.

A source told People, "They are over, but don't rule out a reunion."

The source added, "Tom wanted to get married and have more children. Sienna didn't. This year everything exploded with Tom in London and Sienna leading a separate life in the U.S. and [her appearance at] Cannes."

While Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge were seen recently enjoying a Mediterranean getaway with their daughter, Yahoo reports that the two had already called it quits and were simply holding a united front for Marlowe, 3.

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A source said of Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge's current relationship, "They seemed to be trying to keep it up for Marlowe but it looks like they had finally come to the conclusion that things are not working for now."

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The source added, "Sienna values honesty and it seems neither of them wanted to live a lie as their daughter grows older, so they called off their engagement."

Sienna Miller is no newbie at broken relationships.

Sienna Miller famously dated Jude Law from 2004-2006 before they got engaged and ultimately parted ways. They began dating again in 2009 before ending their tumultuous relationship for good in 2011.

What do you think of the ending of Sienna Miller's long-term relationship with Tom Sturridge and their reported united front for their daughter?

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