Sh*t Android Fanboys Say: The Other Side of the Coin

Josh WolfordLife

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Back in September, we brought you the two-part saga, "Shit Apple Fanatics Say" - eight or so minutes of remarkably accurate utterances from most of your Apple fanboys friends. "Gestures." "It just works." "It's revolutionary." You know, stuff like that.

But we shouldn't forget that Android users, the other side of this needless technological squabble, can also be quite the little fanboys. I mean, if they weren't we wouldn't have this "beef." And every comment thread for every video ever put out by either Google Android or Apple wouldn't have to be hijacked with an OS flamewar.

But since we know that's never going to happen, we may as well balance the ticket with a "Shit Android Fanatics Say" video - because, you know, widgets.

Check it out below, courtesy Mobile Phone Finder:

Josh Wolford
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