Shonda Rhimes Gets Fourth Show On ABC With "The Killing" Star In Lead

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Shonda Rhimes has pretty much been dominating television lately; between her duties on Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and the huge hit Scandal, she's had her hands full with successful shows, and they all belong to ABC. Now, word is out that she has a new show in progress for the network, and the news is spreading like wildfire among her fans.

The new show, The Catch, focuses on smart, strong fraud investigator Alice (played by The Killing star Mirelle Enos), who finds herself in a sticky situation with her fiance, who takes advantage of her and then takes off. While taking care of her business, she has to also track him down and make things right before her career--and reputation--are ruined.

Rhimes has been honored several times for her many achievements in the arts and is held up as a role model and leader for successful women everywhere; however, at an awards banquet last year, Rhimes said she's just trying to make things better for females, and that she hasn't broken through the "glass ceiling".

“‘Do they know I haven’t broken through any glass ceilings,’ I asked my publicist. He assures me that I have. I assure him that I have not. I have not broken through any glass ceilings. If I had broken through any glass ceilings, I would know. If I had broken through a glass ceiling, I would have felt some cuts, I would have some bruises, there’d be shards of glass in my hair. … If I’d broken the glass ceiling, that would mean I made it through to the other side, where the air is rare. I would feel the wind on my face," Rhimes said.

Despite her reluctance to accept such high praise, Rhimes has garnered scores of loyal fans who will likely make her new show as successful as the others.

Amanda Crum
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