Shia LaBeouf: Stacy Martin Talks Baring All With the Actor in 'Nymphomaniac'

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Shia LaBeouf will be making his way back to the big screen next week as Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 heads to theaters.

However, fans might be a bit surprised with the 27-year-old actor's portrayal in the film.

According to MTV News, the two-part Danish drama film isn't exactly like it's been depicted in numerous articles prior to its release.

The former Transformers actor stars in the film, which centers around the life of a woman named Joe, portrayed by Stacy Martin and collaborator Charlotte Gainsbourg. She recounts her numerous sexual encounters from early adolescence well into adulthood.

The publication reports that while there is lots of sex in the film, the actors aren't "having sex." The truth is while graphic sex scenes may have been depicted between the film's main characters; its all camera affects.

The actors genital areas have been digitally altered with those of professional pornographic actors and film production props.

Although the actors may not have actually engaged in the sensual acts, they still have to partake in certain aspects of the intimate scenes. Martin told MTV News how she and LaBeouf prepared for the intimate moments.

"It was so great because we got to know each other before starting filming. That was very important because it is so intimate and you bare everything," she said.

"What was great with Shia is that he was so determined and enthusiastic that there weren't any complications. There comes a point where you have to film the scene. You know it's going to come, so it's like 'Look, we trust each other. We're here to do this. We're here to work with Lars, and we believe in the film.' So you get on with it."

Nymphomaniac Volume I hits theaters nationwide on March 21. Nymphomaniac Volume II will follow with an April 18 theatrical release.

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