Shia LaBeouf Opens Up About His 'Scary' Time In Jail


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Shia LaBeouf has definitely had his fair share of run-ins with the law.

Over the years, the former Disney star has faced criminal charges for assault, trespassing, drunk driving, disorderly conduct, and failure to make court appearances. However, jail time has reportedly been a wake up call for the troubled 28-year-old actor.

According to US Weekly, Shia's topsy-turvy year peaked when he was arrested back in June for disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. As a result of the arrest, he was forced to spend a night in jail.

Now, he's speaking out about the night that changed his life. On Friday, Oct. 10, the Man Down star stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show where he openly discussed his unforgettable year.

"You've had quite an interesting life in the last year or so," Ellen said. "So uhhhh what happened?" He recounted the series of events that led to his arrest. He also acknowledged his erratic and impulsive behavior that led to the problems he's faced.

"I went through this existential crisis. Which turned into like, explorations. I had some hiccups, some judgment errors," he admitted.

Ellen went on to inquire about Shia's highly publicized appearance for the Nymphomaniac movie premiere. For those who missed it, the Fury star hit the red carpet wearing a brown paper bag over his head that read, "I am not famous."

But, that's not all! After the red carpet debacle, he took things a step further with his #IAMSORRY art piece. "You did a performance piece where people could come and see you and say whatever they wanted to you," Ellen recalled.

"Yeah," he responded. "We had a table with all these instruments. You know there was like an Indiana Jones whip and some pliers… There was a lot of negativity online. So I thought, 'Alright, let's see what all this negativity is about. Let's invite it in,'" he said.

"I figured maybe someone will pull my fingernails off," he confessed. "We had these one-on-one situations where we'd invite one person at a time and they can do whatever they wanted… I was sitting in there broken. I was really truly apologetic."

Surprisingly, he admitted he only interacted with "very loving" people. Then, he went on to recount his time in jail, which was anything but a loving experience.

"Jail was quite scary," he admitted. "I was there for, it felt like forever, I think 24 hours, 25 hours… I really went all the way with it, they put a Hannibal mask on me and a led jacket. It was very scary."

Hopefully, he'll never have to spend another night in jail ever again!