Shia LaBeouf Gets In Drunken, Public Argument With Girlfriend in Germany

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Shia LaBeouf continues with his bad boy ways.

A video has reportedly surfaced showing Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Mia Goth getting into a very public, and seemingly drunken, verbal argument in Germany on Friday night.

The video, obtained by Entertainment Tonight, shows La Beouf, 29, and Goth, 22, having a heated discussion while coming out of a taxi. At one point, a group of locals intervenes, telling LaBeouf they can drive him to the airport.

The Transformers star seems defensive at the good samaritans intervention and can be heard saying, "I don't want to touch a woman. I don't want to hit a woman. But I'm getting pushed."

LaBeouf continues to tell Goth to give him his bag while telling her he doesn't want to be aggressive. According to German newspaper, Bild, Goth had apparently grabbed her LaBeouf's bag in an attempt to keep him from walking away.

Local bystanders recorded the incident and then drove Shia LaBeouf to the airport. In the car, LaBeouf tells the guys who gave him a lift, "I gotta get out of here, bro. If I'd have stayed there, I would have killed her."

The witness told Bild LaBeouf seemed intoxicated. Another German tabloid, Pure Stars, reported LaBeouf left with an injured hand and Goth was seen the next day with a black eye.

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