Shia LaBeouf Addresses Plagiarism Claims on Twitter


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The one thing no writer wants to be accused of is plagiarism, and that is exactly what has landed Shia LaBeouf in hot water this week. LaBeouf's short film Howard Cantour was released online yesterday, and it wasn't long before the plagiarism claims started rolling in. After people said that LaBeouf's film ripped off Daniel Clowes’ comic Justin M. Damiano, the Howard Cantour video was pulled from public access. LaBeouf has since apologized for his oversight on Twitter and says he "f***ed up."

Howard Cantour was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012, but was only released for public viewing on Monday. The short film, like Justin M. Damiano, is about the power a critic holds over one's career. According to Buzzfeed, not only was LaBeouf's story similar to Clowes', it also took direct quotes from the comic.

For example, LaBeouf's film opens with the same narration as Clowes' comic: “A critic is a warrior, and each of us on the battlefield have the means to glorify or demolish (whether a film, a career, or an entire philosophy) by influencing perception in ways that if heartfelt and truthful, can have far-reaching repercussions.”

Clowes says that he was "shocked" after viewing Howard Cantour. “The first I ever heard of the film was this morning when someone sent me a link. I’ve never spoken to or met Mr. LaBeouf,” Clowes said. “I’ve never even seen one of his films that I can recall--and I was shocked, to say the least, when I saw that he took the script and even many of the visuals from a very personal story I did six or seven years ago and passed it off as his own work. I actually can’t imagine what was going through his mind.”

According to Shia LaBeouf, he simply forgot to credit Clowes for inspiring his work. Check out LaBeouf's Twitter apology below.

Do you buy Shia LaBeouf's story that he was "inspired" by Clowes' work and didn't copy it? Add your comments below.

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