Sheryl Crow Forgets Her Own Lyrics

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It happens to the best of musicians: no matter how many times you sing the same song over the course of a career filled with stage appearances, sometimes you just forget the lyrics. If you're Ozzy Osborne, you can usually just mumble a bit and glaze right over it, but not every musician is so lucky.

Sheryl Crow found that out over the weekend during a concert in St. Petersburg, Florida, when she stopped mid-performance and said, "Oh, what's the words?" The song was "Soak Up The Sun", and fans laughed it off with her as the band played on while she struggled to remember her next line. She finally got it, but not before reminding the audience that she's getting on in years and sometimes has a slip.

"I'm fifty," the singer said mid-song. "My brain's gone to shit!"

Of course, it could have been worse, as Beyonce proved at a show a couple of years ago:

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