Sherrie Shepherd Disavowed Her Child Since Birth, Judge Rules That She Needs To Pay Child Support

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The View host and The Less Than Perfect star Sherrie Shepherd’s lengthy legal battle against estranged husband Lamar Sally ended last April.

Shepherd, 48, insists that she was “tricked into having a baby” in order for Sally to collect child support from her.

“That is one of the reasons we married after only a year – because she was ready to have a child” Sally said in defense to Shepherd’s fraud claim.

Sally also claims that Shepherd merely changed her mind about wanting a child after they got separated. They had already impregnated a surrogate via IVF.

Shepherd has not spent time with the 9-month-old Lamar Sally Jr. who she’s “disavowed since birth”.

However, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that she is, in indeed, responsible for Sally Jr. as she is listed as the mother on the child’s birth certificate.

In addition, the court ordered that she pay $4,100 per month for child support. That amount will increase to $4600 when the child reaches 13.

Shepherd claims that she has “no connection” with the child but is said to agree to pay child support – with a catch.

According to the agreement they signed, Shepherd will be allowed to pursue her fraud claim against Sally. If the court rules in her favor, then the child support stops.

Another part of the catch is that Shepherd wants all the frozen embryos that remain in storage to be destroyed, to which Sally contested. Sally suggests that he might want to bring another baby into the world.

However, TMZ reports that the recent settlement between the two states that for future children that will come via surrogacy, Shepherd will not be held financially responsible.

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