Shelly Sterling Gives Unconvincing Condemnation Of Husband


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Donald Sterling’s wife Rochelle “Shelly” Sterling had come out in full force to condemn her husband for his racist remarks that were recently caught on tape.

“Our family is devastated by the racist comments made by my estranged husband,” Shelly Sterling said to TMZ, “My children and I do not share these despicable views or prejudices.”

She also told TMZ that the Sterling family would not “let one man’s small-mindedness poison the spirit of the fans and accomplishments of the team” and that they intend to “stand by and support” the Los Angeles Clippers team.

She was on hand to support the Clippers in the absence of husband Donald. Many noted that Shelly Sterling wore all black as she sat watching the game. As part of their silent protest, the Clippers team wore black wristbands and black socks.

Was Sterling part of this silent protest herself?

Regardless of whether she was or wasn’t, it must be said that the statement released to TMZ rings about as hollow as mistress Vivian Stiviano’s denial over releasing the audio.

Both women claim that Donald Sterling is indeed the man in the recorded conversation that has caused such an uproar. Yet it cannot be overlooked that both women were willing to have an extended association with the man despite his ugly views and behaviors.

In the case of wife Shelly Sterling, she’s been married to him for over fifty years. A cynical person would view this situation as proof positive that some women will put up with or associate with just about any class of slimy individual for the sake of money.

In that regard, Shelly Sterling is almost the perfect portrait of a textbook political wife. She looks the other way until it damages her personal brand. It is when the action is too controversial that some attempt at distancing occurs.

However, Sterling may be looking to "stand by her man" after all.

It's already being reported that Sterling is backtracking her initial opinion and was recently seen out with husband Donald:

Rumors of a divorce are already on the rise following the audio leak. However, it could be that Sterling is not eager for a lifestyle to which she's become accustomed to come to an end. In that regard, her and Stiviano may have yet something else in common.

Good for Sterling if she plans to finally leave the man that’s been openly cheating on her for years. Good for her for calling his remarks “despicable” because they are.

However, remarks like those made by Donald Sterling should be opposed because they are wrong; not just when they stand to make one look bad by association.

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