Shayanna Jenkins: Will She Testify Against Fiancé Aaron Hernandez? Faces Contempt Of Court

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Shayanna Jenkins remains a dedicated fiancee to accused murderer, former New England Patriot star Aaron Hernandez.

Prosecutors have incessantly pointed to the possibility of Jenkins’ involvement in hiding incriminating evidences against Hernandez. They have repeatedly stated that “there has been a history” of Hernandez using Jenkins to conceal personal effects that might further incriminate him.

Further evidence expose jailhouse phone calls between Hernandez and Jenkins. Transcripts of the telephone conversations included Hernandez asking about the location of his clothes to which Jenkins replied that she “thought about moving” Hernandez’s shoes but left them instead. “I mean, you’ve only been gone for, what, six months? . . . You act like you’re gonna be gone for like 20 years,’’ she said.

The conversation also exposed Hernandez asking Jenkins to do errands for him, including sending money to his cousin, Tanya Singleton. Singleton has been arrested for refusing to testify before the grand jury investigating Lloyd’s death.

McCauley added that the couple shared “cryptic” messages about trying to destroy the surveillance system in Hernandez’s home. Further evidences showed that Jenkins has also intentionally thrown out a lockbox which may have held the murder weapon.

Hernandez has even told an inmate that her girlfriend “does what I want her to do,” stated McCauley.

But will Jenkins remain loyal to her fiancé now that Kasey Arma took the witness stand against the accused?

Arma claimed that Hernandez hit on her at a Boston night club, two days before Llyod’s murder. Video footage from the club shows Arma and Hernandez dancing provocatively. Arma also said that Hernandez invited her to a nearby hotel later that night.

Arma is the second woman to testify that Hernandez has not been loyal to Jenkins. Jennifer Fortier also claimed to have been taken by Hernandez to an apartment for a bit of “cozy time”.

Jenkins has been given immunity were she to testify against Hernandez. The immunity will clear her of perjury charges and of anything that she may reveal on the stand.

Jenkins will be compelled to testify and seal Hernandez’s fate. Otherwise, she will face contempt of court charges and will be put to jail.

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