Shayanna Jenkins Removed Box Day After Murder

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Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancé of former New England Patriot football star Aaron Hernandez, has admitted that she removed a box from their home on the day following the death of Odin Lloyd, which happened on June 17th.

Assistant District Attorney Patrick Bomberg said that Shayanna Jenkins was not forthcoming with information about the location of the box.

“She was asked what she did to the item that Mr. Hernandez instructed her to get rid of; she repeatedly told the grand jury that she couldn’t remember, she didn’t know, she’d thrown it in a dumpster, and she couldn’t tell anybody where it was,” Attorney Bomberg said during his request to have Shayanna jailed and placed on a $5,000 bond.

Janice Bassil, the defense attorney for Shayanna Jenkins, considered the situation differently and attempted to explain her view.

“It seems to me that this is overreaching. The indictment is overreaching. The statement by Mr. Bomberg is overreaching. And the request for bail is overreaching,” Janice Bassil said.

Judge Thomas F. McGuire Jr. was of a similar mind with Bassil and denied the prosecution's request for bail; however, he did order that Shayanna be present at the next hearing due to take place on November 9th.


At the hearing on Tuesday, Shayanna Jenkins pleaded not guilty to the charge of perjury.

Many questions remain. Investigators noted that Shayanna Jenkins had described Odin Lloyd, who was dating her sister, as being involved in using and selling drugs. District Attorney Bomberg alluded that her description could have had underpinnings of defamation of character.

“The only rational reason she possibly have had to have said that about a man who, it’s important to note, was dating her sister, and about whom purportedly she had just learned had been killed, and the body recovered in North Attleboro, was that there was some motive for her to suggest that he had engaged in untoward conduct, but in fact, that was never true,” Bomberg said.

Janice Bassil explained that her client's relationship with fiancé Aaron Hernandez "in many ways had elements of what I would refer to as don’t ask don’t tell."

Officials are still searching for the .45 caliber gun.

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