Shayanna Jenkins: Aaron Hernandez's Fiancee Spends Second Day Testifying

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Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancee of Aaron Hernandez and mother of his two-year-old daughter, spent her second day testifying at his murder trial for the killing of Odin Lloyd on Monday. She is testifying under a grant of immunity.

On Monday, Jenkins was asked about having removed a box from Aaron Hernandez's basement, at her fiance's request. Prosecutors believe the box may have contained the weapon used to murder Odin Lloyd. Shayanna Jenkins explained that Hernandez called her and asked her to remove a box from the basement.

“I believe he said it was important, I’m not too sure,” Shayanna Jenkins said.

She also said she did not ask and was not told what was inside the box. She admitted, however, that she put the box inside a black trash bag and put baby clothes on top of the box inside the bag “just so nothing was exposed.”

“I wasn’t necessarily hiding it from certain individuals,” Jenkins added.

Shayanna Jenkins then claims she put the box in the trunk of her sister Shaneah Jenkins' car. Shaneah Jenkins was the girlfriend of the murder victim, Odin Lloyd.

Shayanna admitted she was nervous while driving with the box insider her sister's car, and that those nerves likely prevented her from remembering where she deposited the bag of trash.

“I found a random dumpster, I don’t know exactly where it was located,” she said.

“I really had to play a neutral role as far as trying to comfort my sister. Everyone’s emotions were kind of on me,” Jenkins said when asked how she didn't remember where she threw out the box in question.

Despite the fact that Aaron Hernandez has likely committed a murder (Shayanna Jenkins said in Friday's testimony that she asked him once after she learned Lloyd was murdered whether he had killed him, and he said no) Shayanna Jenkins still seems to be covering for him. Do you expect she is doing so out of love and loyalty or maybe out of fear for her own well being.

Aaron Hernandez definitely doesn't seem like the All-American athlete the New England Patriots signed before his familiarity with dead people started making news.

Shayanna Jenkins does admit that Aaron Hernandez cheated on her in the past, however.

Yet despite his cheating and the fact that Aaron Hernandez is on trial for murder--and will face trial in the murders of two other men--she still wears the sizable engagement ring he gave her.

Will Shayanna Jenkins crack? Or will she maintain that Aaron Hernandez is innocent in the murder of Odin Lloyd?

Do you think she's lying?

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