Sharon Osbourne 911 Tape Reevaluated in Light of Ozzy Confession

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On Monday, Ozzy Osbourne took to Facebook to admit he had been drinking and doing drugs for the lat year and a half. He apologized to his family, saying, "I was an asshole to the people I love most."

Osbourne's confession came just as rumors were surfacing that he and his wife, Sharon Osbourne had split and were living in separate locations. Ozzy stated emphatically that he and Sharon are not divorcing and that he has now been sober for 44 days.

Back in February, TMZ released a 911 call that was placed by Sharon Osbourne. That tape is now being reevaluated in light of the fact that Ozzy may have been in an altered state during the incident.

The phone call was made in January, when the Osbournes' home caught on fire. Sharon blamed the fire on a candle that had remained lit while the couple slept. In the tape of the call, Sharon can be heard saying that Ozzy put the fire out, and Ozzy can be heard shouting in the background.

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