Shaquille O'Neal Being Sued By Disabled Man

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Shaquille O'Neal is being sued by a man he ridiculed on Instagram back in April.

Shaquille O'Neal made fun of Jahmel Binion, 22, by posting a photo of himself making a face meant to humiliate Binion. Binion has a rare condition called ectodermal dysplasia, which cause abnormal development of the skin, hair, teeth, nails or sweat glands.

He issued an apology shortly after an outcry ensued from the rest of us in decent civilization. Rapper Waka Flocka Flame and Utah Jazz Point Guard Trey Burke also apologized, as they had been in on Shaquille O'Neal's fun.

The trio claimed they didn't know about Binion's condition and Binion seemed to turn a bad situation into a good one. After Shaquille O'Neal's humiliating post, Binion created the immensely popular Hug Don't Judge Facebook page that has attracted attention from all over the world and now has over 22,000 members.

"They tell me I'm 'amazing.' I'm an 'inspiration.' I'm a 'hero' and a 'role model.' 'Don't give up. Keep this going. You made a difference,'" Jahmel Binion said of the support he garnered from his Hug Don't Judge page. He said despite initially feeling humiliated by Shaquille O'Neal and his selfie, he knows that he is "blessed".

"I wasn't supposed to live past five-years-old so everyday I wake up, I'm blessed," he said.

Apparently Shaquille O'Neal's apology wasn't good enough after all. Binion is suing Shaq, saying he caused "emotional distress, invaded his privacy and defamed" him.

"[The Photos] constituted a public disclosure of embarrassing private facts about the plaintiff [and] placed him in a false light in the public eye," the lawsuit against Shaquille O'Neal states.

Though he seemed to accept the apologies from Shaquille O'Neal and even seemed to enjoy some jovial back-and-forth, he said he feels the apology wasn't genuine. He said he later came to realize that, "When they said sorry, I felt like they were saying it to get the pressure off of them for being considered 'bad people'."

What do you think of Jahmel Binion's sudden change of heart toward Shaquille O'Neal?

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