Shania Twain Announces 2014 Las Vegas Show Dates


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Shania Twain won over the hearts of many music fans throughout the 90's and early 00's, but then seemed to have kind of disappeared. She made a bit of a comeback less than a year ago with a new type of show that premiered in Las Vegas, featuring much more than just her and her music. She just announced the dates that she will be appearing in 2014, which should help people that are able to see her get even more excited about the shows.

She started performing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last year, and will round out a full year of shows, with her performances coming up. Before her break from the spotlight, Twain was known for excellently blending the genres of country and pop, with big hits such as "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" and "You're Still The One."

Tickets for her upcoming shows that are scheduled from January 22-February 15th will go on sale on Friday. The tickets can be found on Shania Twain's new website, specifically designed for the show.

Her new show is featured at The Colosseum, and the show is conveniently called Shania: Still The One, a nod to one of her earlier hits, "You're Still The One."

While this will be no ordinary string of concerts by the popular country singer, she is scheduled to perform alongside trained horses, a full band, as well as a flying motorcycle. Twain is a five-time Grammy winner, and debuted her Las Vegas show last December, shortly after horseback riding down the Las Vegas strip.

Earlier this month, Shania Twain also announced that she will start working on new material again. Her last album, Up! was released in 2002, and after over a decade without a new album, it seems that fans are due for some new material from the country artist.

She revealed that her new material will be much more personal than her older hits when saying “They’re very personal, (and) I think probably a little bit more personal than ever before."

At 48-years-old, the Canadian native, Shania Twain, has said that enjoys being able to write again, and looks forward to sharing her new material with all of her fans.

Image via Youtube