Shanesha Taylor, Homeless Mom Who Left Kids in Car, Gains Support

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A homeless mother from Arizona pleaded not guilty Monday to child abuse after leaving her two children in a hot car. Supporters have now come forward to help the mother.

Shanesha Taylor, 35, was arrested March 20 for leaving her 6-month-old baby and 2-year-old son in her vehicle while she went to a job interview at an insurance company.

Scottsdale Firefighters responded to a 911 call and found the children in the steaming car with the windows rolled down about an inch. The keys were left in the ignition, but the air condition was not running.

Taylor arrived at her car a little over an hour and explained to authorities that she didn't have a babysitter to watch over her children while she went to her interview.

However, police officers arrested the single mother for child abuse.

On March 31, Taylor was released from jail on a $9,000 bond provided by a local church.

A tearful mug shot showing Taylor in distraught caught the attention of one New Jersey woman who decided to create a fundraiser page for the mother. 

“There are some of us that feel that Shanesha was in an unfortunate situation that, sadly, an economy like ours is putting many single mothers in a position to make terrible mistakes like this,” said 24-year-old Amanda Bishop, the founder of the fundraiser.

Taylor's story has definitely become a human-interest story that has grabbed the attention of dozens on the Internet.

The page has now raised over $91,000 in donations.

Although the fundraiser is a pretty commendable act from concerned followers, prosecutors say that it will not change the fact that Taylor placed her children in a fatal situation.

Taylor may lose custody of her children if found guilty. Additionally, she faces up to seven years in prison.

Her next court hearing is scheduled for May 22.

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