Shailene Woodley Causes Stir At Divergent Premiere


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With reports surfacing of diva-like behavior at the LA Divergent premiere, (purported) feminist/environmentalist actor Shailene Woodley is further embracing her role in young Hollywood by not only acting the part of spoiled celebrity, but looking the part as well.

With a simple silhouette in front and plunging V in back, Woodley’s Stella McCartney gown worn at the London Divergent premiere on Sunday embodies the classic “conservative in the anterior, party in the posterior” look embraced by red-carpet strutting celebrities and 80s rednecks alike.

Her news-making getup is in deference to the high-fashion standards of Tinseltown and not exactly in line with her beliefs regarding material possessions. “I exclusively buy used clothes,” Woodley said. “I’m going to be a citizen of this planet, and I’m going to do my responsibility and live in stride with nature instead of constantly fighting against her.”

Woodley demonstrated her much-touted and publicized devotion to hippie duds (except when it means making a stand at more highly-covered and photographed events, where she instead obediently portrays the image Hollywood and general society demand) at a Divergent screening earlier this month in Thousand Oaks, CA, where she sported flip-flops and jean shorts.

As she is followed by a young, female audience due to the popularity of the Divergent series amongst the middle and high school set, it would be prudent for Woodley to take her beliefs about feminism a bit more seriously than her supposed devotion to environmental causes. “It’s such an important message to send out there in this age of feminism because, yes, men need to respect women, and women need to be the leads of films,” said Woodley in regards to her role in Divergent. While Woodley excuses her decidedly environmentally unfriendly red-carpet looks away (“I realized this garment is going to be used over and over again,” she said of her A-list wardrobe) here’s to hoping she doesn’t also have an excuse in her pocket-less couture gown to abandon feminism when it means going against the Hollywood tide.

With Woodley’s vacillation between tree-hugger and perfectly-coiffed starlet, her ensembles at future red-carpet events should be interesting to behold, and there will be ample opportunity to observe her multi-faceted style in the upcoming months. Not only has Woodley committed to the remaining two films of the Divergent series, she is also starring in The Fault in Our Stars, another film adaptation of a popular YA novel, premiering in June.

Image via Wikimedia Commons