'Shadowrun Returns' Expansion Out Today


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In the early days of gaming Kickstarter projects, Shadowrun Returns was one of the most successful. Gamers and industry figures watched as Harebrained Schemes raised $1.8 million and delivered a solid game. As a simplified turn-based tactical game with an old-school isometric view and text storytelling Shadowrun Returns was exactly the type of game many PC players had been missing over the past decade.

Now, with fans already creating intricate story mods for Shadowrun Returns, Harebrained Schemes has released its first expansion for the game. Titled Shadowrun: Dragonfall, the game is now available on Steam for $15 (and does require Shadowrun Returns to play).

“The response to Shadowrun Returns was so overwhelming that it inspired us to pull out all the stops in creating Shadowrun: Dragonfall," said Jordan Weisman, founder of Harebrained Schemes. "We really did our best to listen to fans and act on their feedback. We are thrilled to unveil our next story and can’t wait to see all the awesome new Shadowrun stories that the community will create with the Dragonfall expansion and the Shadowrun Editor.”

Dragonfall give players the chance to explore Berlin through an entirely new campaign. Players will build up a new character as they run the shadows and eventually run up against a great dragon. The expansion also includes new weapons, enemies, cyberware, and other customization items, as well as the much-requested ability to save the game at any time.

Harebrained Schemes this week previewed Dragonfall with a long (as in hour-long) playthrough of some of the early parts of the game. The video shows off a few of the new locations and abilities included in the expansion: