Shadow of the Colossus to be Directed by Chronicle's Josh Trank


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Chronicle director Josh Trank has officially been hired by Sony Pictures to develop a live-action adaptation of the Sony Game, Shadow of the Colossus.

For those that are unfamiliar with this game (and how could you be), the story follows the character of Wander, as he travels across epic landscapes and destroys giant monstrosities called Collosi. The Collosi are partially made up of stone that look like they came from the buildings of an ancient civilization.

The scale of this film should be huge. I hope the inexperienced Trank can pull it off. Kevin Misher is producing the film, and the studio is currently looking for another writer to work with Trank.


The protagonist is a young man who thinks his lover has died. Desperate to bring her back, he heads into a forbidden land, and summons a demon who can wake the dead. The price for bringing back his girl: slay 16 colossi that dominate this mystical place. These are skyscraper-sized giants that rise from the ground, fly through the air and come from the water. As the young man works through his quest on horseback, he begins to wonder if he is on a noble pursuit to bring back his lover, or perhaps has made a deal with the devil and is being used. Trank has been a fan of the game since it launched in 2005, and sought out the job.