CES 2012: Shadow Ebike Plays Nice With Your Phone


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Everything has to be smart these days. The smart bike just happens to be next on the list.

Daymak Inc. announced at CES the Shadow Ebike. Yes, it’s a bicycle that interacts with an Android phone to control the bike’s functions.

Daymak is billing the Shadow Ebike as the first wireless ebike that’s powered by their proprietary Daymak Drive. The Shadow Ebike will use the Android phone as the “key” to turning the bike on and off. The phone app includes the ability to create user defined pedal assist modes, tracking of top speeds, GPS, odometer, speedometer, trip data, altitude, battery life and history of all usage states.

With the bike being wireless, it avoids the usage of wires which cause most accidents with other leading ebikes.

The bike will go into production spring 2012 and is being currently demoed at CES in Las Vegas. For more information about the future of bicycles, you can check out the Shadow Ebike’s Web site.

It does of course beg the question of how many more smart devices do we need. I never once thought before today that I would need a smart bike. I would like to see the market that this device is being targeted at. I can’t deny, however, that it’s pretty cool tech. It’s still not as cool as the “Board of Awesomeness” though.