Sexiest Man Alive- Adam Levine Takes The Title


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Shout it from the roof tops, Adam Levine is the Sexiest Man Alive. It's never an easy thing to choose the Sexiest Man Alive and being one has to be just as tough. Levine was happy to take the title from Channing Tatum, but said his fiance, Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo found his new title hilarious. Levine says that he expects the same reaction from his friends and close family.

Levine says he was surprised at the news and at first, thought it was a joke himself. When he realized it was real, he became a little embarrassed but also appreciative.

Becoming the Sexiest Man Alive isn't an easy task and Levine had to beat out some real hotties to earn his title. Matt Bomer, Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds are just a few of the other hunks who were up for the win. Being sexy isn't easy either. Levine says that to get his rock hard body he does yoga and spinning. These might not be the most masculine types of fitness, but hey, it's obvious they work.

Levine will be marrying his fiance soon at what will likely be one of the sexiest weddings of all time. It seems the Sexiest Man Alive has a softer side that shows when he talks about his love life. He said,

"I didn't think marriage was for me for a long time." "I was ready when I was ready. That's about as simple as it could possibly be."

In an interview with People, Levine said that he felt like everything in his life was headed in the right direction and he was not taking anything for granted.

"This is just a really interesting time where everything seems to be heading in a certain direction," he adds. "And I'm not taking any of it for granted," he said.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.