Sev Zero Is The First Exclusive Amazon Fire TV Game


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This afternoon, Amazon finally unveiled its set top box - the Amazon Fire TV. While most of the focus was placed upon its media streaming capability, the box is also a game machine. Well-known titles like Minecraft and The Walking Dead have already been announced for the system. Even Amazon itself is making an exclusive game for it.

Amazon Game Studios announced today that its first title for the Amazon Fire TV will be third-person shooter Sev Zero. Here's the official synopsis:

Earth is threatened by an alien species, the Ne'ahtu. Early in the 22nd century, the Ne'ahtu infected Earth's energy grid with a computer virus that disabled the planet's defenses. Before the Ne'ahtu could strike, computer prodigy Amy Ramanujan neutralized the alien computer virus and saved the planet. Now, the Ne'ahtu are back and Dr. Ramanujan is trying to prevent them from another all-out invasion of Earth. Switching between towers (to launch various missiles and grenades) and face-to-face combat (to attack with machine guns), the player's mission is to join Dr. Ramanujan and defend Earth from the Ne'ahtu.

In Sev Zero, players can jump between environments-start in tower defense mode to build out towers and assess the surroundings, and then beam down to shooter mode for face-to-face combat against the Ne'ahtu. Players can also bring friends and family into the action with the Sev Zero companion tablet app, Sev Zero: Air Support. With this multi-player, multi-screen experience, players help each other thwart the enemies-one player is in Air Support mode initiating air strikes from their tablet while the other player is in face-to-face combat mode

Alongside the announcement, Amazon has also released a trailer showing off some of the game's levels and it's admittedly solid visuals. Amazon made a big stink about the power of its set top box today, and Sev Zero proves that it can put out visuals on par with the best Android devices out today:

Sev Zero is just the first game to come from Amazon Game Studios. Earlier this year, the company acquired Double Helix Games to help create core games for what we now know as the Fire TV. We don't know what those core games will look like, but Sev Zero is our first taste of what Amazon is attempting to accomplish itself in the game space.

Image via AmazonGameStudios/YouTube