Seth Rogen Talks About Spoofing Kanye West

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It seems that Seth Rogen has made a second career out of making fun of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, because in just a few short months he's made a video spoof of West's Bound 2 video, and posted a photo mocking the recent Vogue cover the famous couple scored. He was assisted both times by actor James Franco.

And now Rogen is speaking out about both spoofs, which is probably a good idea before he becomes an enemy of the rap community, just like Jimmy Kimmel almost did after he spoofed West on his show.

Rogen says he's really a big fan of the rapper and loves his music, and felt it was okay to poke a little fun at him.

Plus, he says that he and fellow prankster Franco were constantly trying to attend one of West's concerts while they were filming, but they couldn't because the shows either kept getting canceled or pushed back.

"I'm like just really into his music," said the Knocked Up actor.

"And when we made the original [spoof], we were filming The Interview in Vancouver and we kept trying to go to Kanye West shows that kept getting cancelled or the dates kept changing and it happened like two or three times. We were just talking about him all the time and then the video came out, so we were just like, 'Let's just try to do that.'"

Shortly after the Bound 2 spoof went viral, West's fiance Kim Kardashian told Rogen that both her and West loved it, which thrilled the actor.

"Kanye says what's up. He loves you guys. He laughed so hard at this," wrote Kardashian. "You nailed it. So funny."

Rogen then tweeted back and said he was happy the famed couple appreciated the video. "That's so awesome," he wrote. "Ha! Tell him what's up back. So psyched you guys like it."

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