Seth Rogen Stars in "Her" Parody

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Seth Rogen has us in knots yet again. The hilarious Neighbors star seemingly always has his eyes on the latest pop-culture trends, creating the funniest parodies around.

So it’s probably not a huge shock that the curly-haired comedian's voice was featured in yet another goofy video parody. This time, he spoofed the Oscar-nominated film, Her.

In the Spike Jonze film, a lonely writer played by Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his new operating system. Watch how Paul Gale and Alison Vingiano and Rogen created their own version of a not-so-dependable male operating system in Him.

Haven’t seen previews forHer? Catch the trailer first.

While Rogen’s body isn’t necessarily featured in the short video, his voice and raucous laugh are more than apparent. He stars at the voice of the operating system for the main character and co-creator, Vingiano.

The operating voice is constantly high, missing appointments for his owner and talking about his love of mozzarella sticks. And did I mention he has a foul mouth?

In the actual film by Jonze, the voice of Phoenix’s operating system is played by The Avenger’s Scarlett Johansson.

Think that was hilarious? Check out Rogen’s spoof on Kanye’s song, “Bound 2.”

While the newly-engaged couple received the “Bound 3” spoof with grace, I don’t think Jonze will be thanking Rogen on Twitter anytime soon.

Which video was funnier? Did you prefer Him or "Bound 3?"

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