Servite High School Stage Collapses, Injures Students

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Twenty-five students had to be taken to the local hospital after an auditorium stage collapsed on Saturday night.

Police were called to Servite High School, an all-boys Catholic school in Anaheim, California, when the wooden stage gave out beneath a group of 250 girls from Servite's sister school Rosary High School, who were singing and dancing on the stage.

"Early investigations suggest the front of the stage gave out due to weight," Anaheim Police Department spokesman Lt. Tim Schmidt said.

While the incident startled those who were attending, only twenty-five of the girls had to be taken to the hospital. A few students suffered from broken bones, while others received minor injuries and bruising.

"We're lucky that no one was seriously injured," Schmidt said. "It was a quick, sudden collapse, and the students fell right away."

"We were all jumping, having fun, we've done it five times before, and then all the sudden the girls in front of me just disappeared," Sabrina Lee, a student from Rosary, told KABC-TV. "I don't know what happened. All I knew was I turned around and ran."

While it is believed that the excess weight was to blame for the fall of the stage, police are still investigating the circumstances. After the accident Servite and Rosary issued a joint statement on Servite's website.

"On Saturday night March 8, during Rosary High School’s Production of Red and Gold at Servite High School, a portion of the stage collapsed," the statement read. "Injured students were transported to local hospitals. Our thoughts and prayers are with the students and their families."

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