Sen. Portman Marijuana Use Confirmed During Interview


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Sen. Rob Portman has smoked marijuana. That was the big reveal during the senator's interview with BuzzFeed Brews on Monday evening. Since then, the video blew up as people are somehow drawn to stories of drug use and politicians.

Of course, Portman doesn't smoke anymore. That was only during his younger days in the 70s and 80s when BuzzFeed's John Stanton said the senator looked "a bit like a dirty hippie with long hair." He didn't elaborate on if he used the drug more than once. He did, however, talk about his efforts as a senator to stop drug use in Ohio and around the nation.

Marijuana use among politicians is a popular question to ask during interviews as it always draws a humorous or awkward response. One of the more famous was when former President Bill Clinton was asked if he smoked pot during a 1992 interview. He admitted that he did, but claimed that he didn't inhale.

[h/t: ABC News]