Selena Gomez: The New Taylor Swift?

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Selena Gomez had a very public relationship--and breakup--with Justin Bieber, but through it all, the couple tried their best to keep the private details of their lives from making the covers of the tabloids. However, Gomez says that now she's a little more grown up, she's getting sassier. And she's also more open about what she wants her fans to know.

The 20-year old Disney star did a cover of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" at a performance recently and made it clear that she was singing it for a reason.

"I've been through a lot the past few months. It's been weird and sad and cool," she said. "This song definitely speaks to me."

Gomez's fans might be shocked when her upcoming film, "Spring Breakers", hits theaters, as it's a world away from her Disney Channel persona. Gomez plays a sexy co-ed who robs a restaurant with her friends, but, she notes, she is growing up.

"I'm a little bit more mouthy now," she said. "I'm a little bit older. I've got a little more sass. I'm telling a lot more, too."

Coming from the girl who counts Taylor Swift as her best friend, that's saying a lot. Could it be that we'll have some songs documenting Bieber's behavior to look forward to? Anything's possible, but we'll just have to wait and see. "Spring Breakers" hits theaters March 22.

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